A recruitment process that doesn’t waste anyone’s time – here’s how we do it at Revolve Healthcare

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Time is money – some say. Knowing everyone values their free time, Revolve Healthcare’s recruitment process comprises three short stages. It’s based on open communication and dialogue. In this article, you can read about how we fit the entire recruitment process for technical positions in 180 minutes (or less!) and check what to expect at each stage.

Stage I – phone conversation to get to know each other(15 – 30 minutes)

Do you want to change your job and Revolve seems like the right fit? Our first contact starts with a telephone conversation – regardless of whether you apply to us on your own, or if Magda finds you in the depths of the Internet. It serves two parties, as it’s the opportunity for you to get to know us better, as well as for us to do the same.

During the phone call, you’ll learn:

  • how we work,

  • what projects we’re currently implementing,

  • how our hybrid work model looks like in practice,

  • what benefits we offer on top of the salary,

  • what your career development opportunities are with us.

At this stage, you can voice your expectations regarding:

  • our cooperation, 

  • your availability, 

  • your salary.

We’ll be most interested in two areas: your motivation to change your current job and your technological preferences. The second one mostly means coding languages or professional experience if you’re not a programmer but, for instance, a Quality Assurance Engineer).

During these 15-30 minutes, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also help fill in the gaps if what you’re interested in isn’t covered on our career page.

Stage II – meeting in our office (90 – 120 minutes)

The second stage of Revolve Healthcare’s recruitment process is meeting in our office in Katowice. Before it happens, you’ll receive an e-mail with information on how to find us. You’ll also get information on who your interviewer will be.

Please book 2 hours of your time. It’s an essential stage and we’ll use this time to get to know each other as well as possible. In the end, we want to work together, not next to one another.

We usually do those meetings in a group of three. Chances are you’ll meet Łukasz, our Head of Technology, and Przemek, one of our most experienced developers, at your interview.

They’ll tell you more about:

  • the technologies we use,

  • the types of projects we implement,

  • our practice in creating software for the healthcare industry.

You can also expect questions about your experience and technological preferences. It’s also important for us to know how you solve technical problems. Don’t worry, we don’t ask for live coding or completing any additional tasks – but we like to have small talk to relieve any stress.

This is the best time to ask more questions, especially the technical ones.

Stage III – your feedback & formal process at Revolve Healthcare(15 – 30 minutes)

During your interview, we tell you how much time we need to make a decision. Sometimes it’s right away, other times we need a few days. Regardless of what the answer is, we always come back to you with feedback.

Apart from providing feedback, this stage is also about determining the next steps. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes. If the feedback is positive and you confirm you want to become part of Revolve Healthcare, the formal process will begin. Magda (the one you met on the phone in stage I), will explain everything step-by-step.

The development task – another opportunity

If we can’t offer you a position – we’ll tell you why.

For people with less experience, in whom we see potential, we still have something up our sleeve though. We never want to miss the possibility of fruitful cooperation in the future. So, here is another opportunity – a development task.

In our opinion, it shows well what technologies we use and allows you to develop your skills in this area. It takes roughly 2-3 months to learn what was missing while completing the task. Of course, that’s assuming that you’ll be doing it in your spare time. And, most of all – without pressure, but with pleasure. After completing it, you will be able to return to the recruitment process, with higher chances of success.

Currently available positions

Are you wondering if the recruitment process at Revolve Healthcare is really that quick? Well, it is! But don’t hesitate then to apply for one of our currently available positions and find out for yourself. If you’re not sure about something regarding a specific job offer, you can always ask Magda – she’ll tell you all the details. Feel free to ask questions at any stage – we will answer them honestly and comprehensively. For us, recruitment is based on dialogue, and we hope that this dialogue will continue for years.



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