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Does outsourced software development make sense in healthcare?

Mobile and web app development has become an integral part of the healthcare industry. It benefits pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and patients alike. This is not surprising. After all, almost everyone has a smartphone, so communication between medical staff and patients or the diagnostic processes can be significantly simplified.

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Why digital health applications (DiGA) are the future – in conversation with ABAStroke

Legislative developments in the MedTech markets aren’t progressing as fast as the technologies and innovations in it, but – especially over the last few years – they significantly sped up, opening new possibilities for digital therapeutics (DTx) apps and other healthcare software. One of the countries leading this change is Germany, with its simplified path for digital health applications (DiGA) to become reimbursable by the healthcare system.

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10 kinds of mobile healthcare apps medical specialists use

Among the positive changes resulting from the digitization of almost every aspect of human life in recent years, the exponential growth and adoption of mobile healthcare apps has been one of the most significant. The market for mobile applications used for treatment, preventive healthcare, and medical management is growing at a truly dizzying rate. Which ones and to what extent are the most popular and widely used by doctors and medical staff? Read on to find out.

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Top 5 digital health trends for 2022

People worldwide, of all ages and demographics, are adopting digital services and integrating them into their lives. They are doing so faster and more frequently than ever before. All of this has also led to changes in healthcare trends and developments. What will medical engineering trends look like for 2022? What awaits us in the areas of modern technology that support the medical sector? And what’s the future of digital health?

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