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Regardless of the stage you're at with your medical product, whether you're seeking certification or are still undecided, we're here to support you every step of the way. Our flexible approach allows us to adapt to your specific needs. Take a look below to see how we can provide the support you require

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We specialise in managed projects for healthcare

At our ISO 13485 certified software development company, quality is our top priority. We genuinely value the healthcare industry and understand its significance. By applying our expertise and upholding rigorous quality standards, our software solutions effectively meet the distinct needs and regulatory requirements required in the healthcare industry.

All of our services

  • ISO 13485 software development

  • Product Design

  • Regulatory Consultations

  • Managed Projects

  • Team Extension

Why work with us?

By now you’re probably thinking: “OK, so they specialise in healthcare and have all kinds of different software development services. But why should I choose them over any other software development company?” Well, let us give you a few reasons. And if you need more, feel free to reach out to us and ask!

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We comply with ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and MDR

If you work with a health-related app, you know what our ISO 13485 certification means. Our software development processes comply with all relevant regulations that will help you get your software out on the market without any (or too many, anyway) issues.

We’re passionate about healthcare

We focus on building software that helps people, because we actually care. We want to have a positive impact on human lives and the world we all live in – and our work ethic stems from that. When working with us, you get access to a whole team of dedicated, passionate professionals who want to create a better future.

We’re easy to work with

We make sure that the people we hire are not only talented specialists with potential for further professional development, but also great to be around – you know, someone we wouldn’t mind grabbing a beer or a coffee with after work. We want you to feel good about working with us too. We value transparency and we try to address any potential issues before they arise. Plus, all of our people are communicative and speak great English!

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We understand the business side of things

Even though we believe that the solutions we build should, first and foremost, bring real value to the end users, we also understand that you want to make money on your product. Thus, we’re always keen on helping with the business issues too – from market and user research to connecting you with people and companies from our network.

Our clients tend to stick around

We love hearing things like: „We wouldn’t be where we are today if not for Revolve” (our client’s words) – they truly warm our hearts. We do our best to develop long-lasting relationships that benefit both sides. This results in many of our clients staying with us, coming back to us with new projects, or recommending us to others. That’s something we’re definitely proud of!

We care about people

Everything we do at Revolve Healthcare revolves around people. We take care of our employees and they pay us back by taking ownership of their work, creating beautiful software, and simply being amazing. That’s why, as our client, you can expect true commitment from our people. And you can rest assured that we care about your needs, as well as the needs of those for whom the software we build is meant for (the users).

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Technologies that we use

Feel free to ask about any technology of your interest that may not be mentioned below, as these are only the main ones we focus on.

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