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We are Revolve Healthcare, an ISO 13485 certified software development company specialising in medical, healthcare, and life-science software development. Our dedicated team creates scalable mobile, desktop, and web applications, along with integrated IT systems for seamless connectivity across your healthcare infrastructure.

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We specialize in developing mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, and integrated IT systems. Our focus on compliance with ISO 13485, IEC 62304, IEC 62366 and other standards ensures adherence to rigorous medical software requirements. 

Whether it's software intended for medical device certification or standard software, our expertise allows us to adapt to different regulatory contexts effectively.



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Whether you have a product idea to develop or need programming expertise, regulatory guidance, or skill supplementation for ongoing projects, we're here to help.

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Why us

We are a company worth working with

  • ISO certified

    It’s on us to make sure your software development process applies to the medical industry standards. Less worries for you!

  • Medical expertise

    For us there is no bouncing between diverse industries. We focus on healthcare industry so you get the best quality with our expertise.

  • Modern technologies

    The worst nightmare is outdated software that can’t be improved. Wouldn’t you prefer one that’s easily scalable for your future ideas?

  • Patient/Staff centered

    We’re all familiar with these med interfaces from the early 90’s, aren’t we? That’s why we care about modern design and usability in our work.

  • Academic background

    We have multiple skilled people within our team. We can understand complicated issues deeply and contribute to your work with our technical knowledge.

  • We are
real team

    We approach each project with commitment and a focus on achieving the best possible outcomes. We consistently strive for improvement and embracing new challenges

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