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Project Leader role at Revolve Healthcare

As a software company, we have an experience in launching and running projects, and because we launch about 10 greenfield projects every year, we know that the key person in the management process is a great leader. At Revolve Healthcare, we decided to blend the roles of Project Manager and Team Leader to create a hybrid - Project Leader. In this article, we will explore the role of Project Leaders, their responsibilities and daily tasks, and their value in a well-managed project.

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Why digital health applications (DiGA) are the future – in conversation with ABAStroke

Legislative developments in the MedTech markets aren’t progressing as fast as the technologies and innovations in it, but – especially over the last few years – they significantly sped up, opening new possibilities for digital therapeutics (DTx) apps and other healthcare software. One of the countries leading this change is Germany, with its simplified path for digital health applications (DiGA) to become reimbursable by the healthcare system.

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A recruitment process that doesn’t waste anyone’s time – here’s how we do it at Revolve Healthcare

Time is money – some say. Knowing everyone values their free time, Revolve Healthcare’s recruitment process comprises three short stages. It’s based on open communication and dialogue. In this article, you can read about how we fit the entire recruitment process for technical positions in 180 minutes (or less!) and check what to expect at each stage.

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