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Does outsourced software development make sense in healthcare?

Mobile and web app development has become an integral part of the healthcare industry. It benefits pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and patients alike. This is not surprising. After all, almost everyone has a smartphone, so communication between medical staff and patients or the diagnostic processes can be significantly simplified.

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Medical informatics and top challenges of hospital IT departments

Today computers are used everywhere and for everything. Because of the ability to install all kinds of software on them, they enable multitasking better than the most sophisticated Swiss Army knife. It’s not surprising that computerization and digitization have their role also in healthcare facilities. However, it would be a big mistake to expect that a computer in a hospital can be used in exactly the same way as one in an enterprise, factory, bank, or office. This is also true of information systems or other technological solutions dedicated to healthcare.

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How to improve communication between bioinformaticians and engineers in biotech software development

Biotechnological companies are full of amazing specialists who create the future of healthcare. They often have a strong team of bioinformaticians that combine IT, medical, biological, and other specialized know-how. They are responsible for the gathering, analysis, and visualisation of data, as well as prototyping and creating initial versions of the product. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are software engineers and should be tasked with developing a complete, scalable system that’s based on a prototype they created. It’s often best for the “general-purpose” software engineers to take over the project, stabilize it, deploy it and maintain it.

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