Mobile, web applications & algorithms for patients in different disease areas (home monitoring)

The system serves as a medical device to monitor the course of the disease and symptoms of e.g. multiple sclerosis. It includes physical and psychological assessments in movement monitoring, cognitive abilities, memory skills and general wellbeing.






Software as a Medical Device, Digital Health


Since March 2021




Solution Architecture, Team Augmentation


GCP, Kubernetes, TypeScript, React, React Native, MongoDB

About the project

Connected health. We reviewed, added and enhanced existing features of an application that supports people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

It connects caregivers with a patient and enables several tasks in the mobile application. These include physical and psychological assessments in movement monitoring, cognitive abilities, memory skills and general wellbeing.

The exercise base is growing and can be altered, enlarged or adjusted according to the clinic's, therapists' and patients' needs. Thanks to multiple personalisation options, it can be applied at any stage of therapy, as long as supervised by qualified staff.

Revolve Healthcare's ongoing technical knowledge enables our company to meet the project goals and deliverables while strictly adhering to the budget and medical regulations. The team maintains a close collaboration, immediately taking action on every process. Their customer service, great communication skills and attitude stand out.

Niek Jochems, CEO at Orikami

Niek Jochems

Chief Operating Officer, Orikami

The task and solution

Our task was to widen the possibilities of a mobile application for patients for measuring therapeutic experiments, tests & games, and a web application for clinicians, with algorithms analysing obtained data and presenting results. 

We integrated the application with external near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) devices such as fNIRS Portalite MK II. The integration helps to provide more detailed data and respond adequately and business-wise to make contact with a more significant number of therapy providers and apply the functionality of their application according to the clinic's needs.


fNIRS Portalite MK II by Artinis

Hence patients often have limited abilities; the team must have considered patients' possible movement and cognitive range within the product design process. From the development side, we had to adapt to the client's EN ISO 13485 quality management system to ensure that the software part of the whole system would be ready for medical device certification (MDR).

Project's scope in numbers



Solution Architecture






Automated testing & documentation




What was done

The successfully developed software system, including:

  • a mobile application for patients with a choice of therapeutic exercises,

  • clinician's web application for analysing and monitoring the activity of each patient,

  • integration to third-party sensors

We developed software that complied with IEC 62304 and applied it in conjunction with EN ISO 13485 standards. We also adjusted the product design to the patients' needs and abilities. A quality assurance specialist tested the solution to ensure that it meets all requirements and needs of both client and users.

Currently, we work in a team augmentation model for our client's project. We are responsible for the system explained above, along with maintenance work on applications and developing a few new features. Our cooperation is based on regular team meetings with the responsible person from the client's side. During the sessions, we collect new requirements from our client and discuss how we can apply them to the system. We also consider maintenance work together.

Our communication channels chosen with a client are emails, slack channel and video calls via GMeets. The updates of current project tasks are supervised in Jira by the Team Leader of our team. All information needed for documentation of EN ISO 13485 standards is collected in Confluence and Jira.

Below you can see links to the app on Google Play and App Store. Please bear in mind that downloading the app is only available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark & Sweden.

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